Radio Saturday June 9


Tune into 103.5QMFM at 9:30 tomorrow morning to hear Gear West on the radio!

We will be speaking about our final day!


Day 34

Today we rode from Revelstoke to Salmon Arm. We started riding among huge mountains and the ride was very hilly. By 50 km into the ride we had left the Rockies and were into the beautiful rolling hills that followed the Rockies. There was no wind today which made for much easier riding. When we were about 20 km outside Sicamaus we stopped at a roadside Go-Karting track and we all ripped it up on the track…Great way to take a break in the middle of the ride.

We’re riding from Salmon Arm to Kamloops tomorrow where Madison Sain is flying in to ride with us the last 4 days.

We’re in the home stretch and we can’t wait to see all you guys on the last day!!!

Thanks so much for all your generous support, we couldn’t have done it without you

Day 31

Today we woke up in Golden, BC and rode to the top of Rogers Pass.  The ride today was about 100 km but it was pretty much straight up hill all day.  The worst part was that there was a headwind so even the downhills were extremely slow.  We would just be hitting 30 km/h on some of the steepest downhills.  We had some absolutely beautiful scenery today and we rode through some of the biggest mountains in the Rockies.  About 50 km into our ride we reached the bottom of Rogers Pass and we were looking at about 30 km of straight uphill.  We could see the road winding through the mountains in the distance and it seemed to go forever.  We rode through the avalanche tunnels in the middle of the climb which were very cool.  Pretty much impossible to see in some of those tunnels.

We’re staying in a hotel right at the summit of Rogers Pass and tomorrow we will bike 140 km to Siccamaus.  From our current location to Revelstoke it is about 70 km and we are super excited to drop 1,000 meters throughout that ride.  Today marked one week until our finish in Vancouver and we couldn’t be more excited.

If anyone would like to ride with us on the last day or watch us finish in Dunderave, West Vancouver, feel free to email us at and we would love to give you more details.

Thanks for the support!

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BC Border

When we left Calgary we were lucky enough to be able to ride with Scott Cunningham, a long time friend of my dads.  We met him about 10 km into the ride and he rode a total of 50 km with us out of Calgary.  Just on the outskirts of Calgary we met up with Russ Jenkins and his fire fighter team.  There was about 20 fire fighters spread out through 5 different trucks and they led a fire-truck escort for 20 km down the side of the highway.  It was amazing and is riders were slotted in right behind this massive entourage of fire trucks.  We got more honks from passing cars in that hour than we had in the past week!  Big thank you to Russ and the team!  

The previous day my good friend Ford Swette flew into Calgary to join us for the remaining 2 weeks as we rode through BC.  It’s great to have a new rider riding with us as it can often times become extremely boring with just Taylor and I on the road every day.  We rode from Calgary to Banff that day which was a total of about 140 km.  We were staring the edge of the Rocky Mountains in the face which was intimidating but very exciting to have some new scenery around us.  We had an amazing night in Banff and enjoyed the natural hot springs after our ride.  

The next morning we rode from Banff to Lake Louise where we then drove our car into Golden, BC to enjoy a wonderful night at the McLaughlin’s cabin right at the base of Kicking Horse Mountain.  The following morning we woke up and drove back to Lake Louise where we threw our biking gear on and rode to Golden.  On this ride we crossed the border into BC which was the best feeling of the trip so far.  Its never felt so nice to be back in the home province! 

Tomorrow we will be riding from Golden to Revelstoke and it will be the toughest ride of our trip.  We have to climb up Rogers Pass which is the highest point in BC.  The bonus to this is apparently there is a downhill on the other side that is about 30 km….  We can only hope!Image

Day 26

Today we biked from Bassano, Alberta to Calgary. The ride was about 130 km and it was one of our first days that we rose into the wind. It’s amazing to think that today was one of our first days without a tailwind. We’ve been incredibly lucky. Jeff Gill (a family friend) and 3 other friends joined us 40 km outside of the Calgary city limits and rode into the city with us. It was great to have a big pack on the road as it makes for a more social, enjoyable ride. We grabbed a beer and nachos with them after which is always a highlight of the day.

We were featured on the CKNW radio talk show again tonight which was awesome. Maureen McGrath checked up on us and had us on the show for the second week straight week which was very generous.

Today was also Michael Scholz’s last day riding. He was an absolute trooper throughout the week. Michael joined us in Winnipeg and rode with us for over 1,000 km to Calgary. It was a total pleasure to have him along for the week!! He’s flying out of Calgary tomorrow to go home and give a well deserved rest to the legs.

We have a day off tomorrow and we are planning on golfing in drumheller. After our round of golf we are going to the Big Rock Brewery where the Calgary Prostate Centre is holding a fundraising event. It’s going to be great to meet the hard working people of the centre and gain some insight into what they do on a daily basis.

We’re also adding a new member to the team tomorrow. Ford Swette, a long time friend of mine, is flying into Calgary tomorrow afternoon and is riding with us all the way to Vancouver. Very excited for Ford to get out here ad hit the mountains with us. We’re getting back on the bike on Tuesday and are getting ready for the Rockies!